New project

As I stated nearing the end of my last project wrapping up in 2015 I would like to start working with paper negatives. The exposure times when working with a medium like paper is much longer. I would like to start playing with longer exposure times just to get an idea of which way I want the project to go. I will start using longer times with my digital camera and then once I feel more comfortable I will move on to working with my old field cameras. I need to get everything ordered for my dark room in preparation for the project. I will order some fresh chemicals this weekend which will allow me to catch up on processing some film I’ve had in the freezer for a couple of years now.

The idea I would really like to explore was brought about by a feeling I had the other day while reflecting on my age. I’m not old persa but I am getting wiser as every year passes. When I was young I saw everything mostly as black or white. As I get older I see that only some rules are black or white while others are shades of grey. In this thinking I would like to explore long exposure portraiture in which some aspects of the image will have very crisp lines but others will have a very blurred line much like our rules of social obedience. I don’t want the images to be soft in focus just blurred by the amount of time allowed to pass as the shutter is open.

If anyone has a good recommendation on a good set of chemicals for working with paper I would love to hear from you. Please drop me a quick line and let me know you experience and why you like the set of developers you use.

Until I have something more to report,

JW Purdy