My Nude Year: Day 249 of 365

We had such a fun day at the lake today. We all woke up really early this morning and started getting ready. Once we had everyone dressed and the car loaded he headed out to meet up at my father-in-law’s house. After making the 45-minute drive to North Houston we got enroute to our ultimate destination of Lake Livingston. Shannon’s dad’s friend owns a huge lake front property stocked with all the toys you could ever want. He has a boat, canons and three Jet-skis. We all took turns on the multitude of vehicles and only had one incident. My oldest son was riding with our youngest draughts dorm mate and the skis broke down and started to sink. Luckily a nearby boat saw the sinking vessel and came to the rescue. The kids were unhurt and never in danger however the jet-skis was almost lost under the waves.

After several hours of none stop play we headed out for dinner. We went to a local dinner in Coldspring Texas called The Hop. When you walk in the door you would think you had stepped back into the 50’s. This wasn’t some big chain restaurant, just a little ma and pop joint and you could tell most of the items on display were authentic. The burgers, sides and service were unbeatable.

Shannon has some pretty crazy tan lines going so we came up with a concept that would hide them as much as possible. Shannon showed me the idea she had and I thought it was great, I never imagined it would come out so sinister looking. I took two shots with a slightly different light set up and both came out great.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy