My Nude Year: Day 246 of 365

Tonight I wanted to work on another idea I had for the portfolio review coming in October. The vision for this photo is an upside down triangle which was achieved. Due to Shannon’s legs being crossed an implied point is created. I know it may seem a little uneasy but that was the purpose of this difficult pose. If you then look at Shannon’s open hand near her shoulder you and see and implied line from this hand to the opposite shoulder. This creates the base of the triangle. As will most of my images similar to this one there are many different triangles as well as other shapes present. I want my viewers to see the implied upside down triangle but without testing the image with unknowing viewers I don’t know if I accomplished my goal. This image is virtually unedited with exception to removing the doorstop found near the baseboards of our foyer.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy