My Nude Year: Day 245 of 365

There are some nights when I really just have the desire to shoot what is in my nature to shoot. I love stacked lines in a dark image. I want to give the viewer enough information to make out what they are looking at yet hide some essential parts in order to get them studying the image intently. Tonight’s image had two purposes, one was the daily photo and the other was an experiment for my upcoming portfolio review. Knowing that the portfolio image would be a possible image that would hit the cutting room floor I took this one first. As soon as I saw the pose in my viewfinder, I knew we had a winner. Shannon actually wanted to re-shoot the photo and place her leg a little differently but I quickly objected knowing her hair would never fall the exact same way again. It took me about two minutes in post to make my adjustment to black and white and then I showed her the final image. She was amazed at how quickly I was finished and made a note to tell me that. I in turn told her sometimes you just know you have captured that perfect photo.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy