My Nude Year: Day 265 of 365

Can you believe it? Only 100 days left in the project. We have completed just over two-thirds of the project now and time seems to be speeding by. I had my last print competition with the Houston Photographic Society before the portfolio review in October. I am looking forward to the review as it contains all images from the project. I am interested to see how the reviewers will receive them.

Tonight Shannon was dealing with some business in Lufkin and wouldn’t be home until very late so I made sure to have everything ready to go. For this photo I used a two light setup. I placed the main light at a 45-degree angle to her front right side and a fill light at a 90-degree angle to her left. Shannon squatted down and placed her hands on her knees while looking toward the key light which gives the images some aspects of symmetry. The image is bright enough to see all the details however the key over powered the fill giving a more dramatic shadow pattern in the photo.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy