My Nude Year: Day 258 of 365

Tonight Shannon and I got home late after a very busy day off. We both took a day of leave from work and jammed it with appointments. We started off by picked up her car from the shop. We were so pleasantly surprised at how quickly they were able to repair the problem and the cost was so low it almost seemed unfair. After we got home I changed my shirt, put on a tie and rushed out to a business meeting. My meeting went well and lucky for me just after I got into the building I was scheduled for it started to rain. I missed getting soaked by about three minutes. After the meeting I headed back home and we both got back in the car and headed to Katy Texas for a doctors appointment we have had scheduled for about a month. All seems well and we are happy of that. Then we received a call from our oldest explaining that she had accidently parked in the wrong location and her car had been towed. She had to get to work and asked if we could get it out for her. We ended up having to make the trip to downtown Houston twice since the driver of the car forgot to grab the keys; it made for a good laugh. So as you can see, it was indeed a busy day off.

For tonight’s photo we wanted something quick so Shannon could get to bed at a reasonable time. As I took off my shirt and tie an idea came to mind. I had Shannon throw the shirt and tie over her shoulder and stand in a slight model T stance. I placed our light at a 45-degree angle to her figure and used a shoot-thru umbrella to defuse the light source. The shot was simple and straightforward and the best part was that she was able to get into bed before midnight.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy