My Nude Year: Day 255 of 365

Well it did indeed turn out to be a very busy day for us. After work today we had to go put Shannon’s car in the shop. Lucky for us her dad is going on a trip and he is letting me use his truck. I love his truck and used to take care of it when he would leave for several months at a time for work. It feels great to be driving a full size F-350 again. I have grown to really dislike small cars since you can’t see anything due to being so low. In the truck I can see everything.

Tonight we explored another low-key photo. It has been fun concentrating our efforts on Shannon’s legs in the last few images. We setup tonight with one light that was focused using a grid. I actually aimed most of the light to just miss Shannon and skim between her folded legs. Following some very wise teaching I shot both a portrait as well as a landscape-oriented photo but in the end the portrait photo felt the stronger of the two.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy