My Nude Year: Day 219 of 365

Just a quick photo today since we are leaving on a trip and are way behind. Shannon was supposed to get off work at noon and wasn’t able to leave until 4pm. We have a six-hour drive ahead of us without any stops so I want to get on the road. Tomorrows photo will be posted while on our trip so it will be unedited. I know living in the modern era that we do, we as photographers rely heavily on editing software but it is times like this that I am so glad I studied from people that always insisted on getting it right in camera. In the end a little more work in setup pays off in spades when push comes to shove.

Cam Damage inspired this photo and if you have never seen her work you should give it a look. Cam is a wonderful model and I would love to work with her one day. You can see her work by going to

Tomorrow will be raw,

JW Purdy