My Nude Year: Day 217 of 365

Fourteen years ago today I was 25 and felt on top of the world. I was staying at a buddies house in Sugar Land Texas with the knowledge I would be leaving on Monday August 6, 2001 for a trip to Dallas to learn to fly the new aircraft the company I worked for had just purchased. We spent the day building a fence and afterward decided to blow off some steam by riding his dirt bike. I had never ridden a dirt bike but was very experienced on street bikes. As we played around he called for me to come back so he could have a turn.

Being the jokester I am I started toward him but passed him by at approximately 85 mph. What I didn’t know at the time was there was a tributary ahead that branched off the main bayou we were riding next to. I sailed off the edge of the cliff and flew 110 feet before hitting the concrete embankment on the other side. That’s right I traveled 11 stories and landed without the bike or a helmet. That was the end of my flying career.

It still amazing to me that so much has happened in the past 14 years. God saved me that day and since has giving me a passion for photography. He has giving me the most loving wife and best friend a person could ever dream of having. He allowed me to bring our youngest of four children into the world. I now have friends I would have never had if I were still living in the big blue above. All I can really say about today is I’m a blessed man and a very thankful one at that.

For tonight we went with a very simple pose. I personally have an affinity for this type of image as I have expressed several times in this project. Ooh that French feel, I love it.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy