My Nude Year: Day 241 of 365

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day around the Purdy house. Our youngest daughter is going back for her second year of college. We have to get everything packed in back into the dorm by 2pm. It is the only day of the school year that dad’s are allowed to go up into the students rooms so I get to be a pack mule. Tonight we went to the store and bought her some snacks and dinners for the upcoming month. We ended up getting so much stuff I thing she will need an additional room just to put it all in. Her dorm roommate got back in town yesterday and I’m guessing we will have both girls home next weekend. We really like her roommate and enjoy her visits every few weekends.

For tonight’s photo I wanted to continue working with a two light set up. This lighting technique is a little different than we typically use. I put both lights, one on either side, at 90-degree angles to Shannon. I asked her to place her hands behind her back as she clasped her hands together. This gave the image a very strong diagonal, which is strengthened by having her hips kick out to one side.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy