My Nude Year: Day 240 of 365

Shannon is staying over at a friend’s house tonight so she can help out with an early morning garage sale to raise money for a little girl with cancer. I have offered my photo services any time they feel they need a photographer around. Since she has to drive about an hour to reach her friends we started as soon as she got home with today’s photo. We decided to shoot a photo requested by a viewer the other day. After our shoot with her new bra someone wrote and asked if we could get a waist up shot with the new wears. I have not used a two light set in a while so I thought it would be a great opportunity to play around as well as honor the request. I placed a hair light with a very tight grid behind Shannon on about a 45-degree angle. I used our slave flash as our primary light since we don’t have any way of putting a reflector on it and thus have not control over the light beam. By and by the set up worked out great. I like the shadow on the wall behind Shannon and feel it gives the photo a grand cinema feel. It is not paramount lighting since I didn’t get that classic butterfly shadow under her nose but its close.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy