My Nude Year: Day 238 of 365

I have been working on my portfolio for a review I have coming up in October. This will be my first review with the Houston Photographic Society and I started early so I wouldn’t have any last minute surprises. I have developed my theme/artist statement and selected six photos to include. Based on a suggestion from our president I have created a tri-fold handout to give to my reviewers. Seeking a little advice I sent my newly developed tri-fold to the president of HPS as well as the portfolio review manager for their input on how things look. Normally I would reach out to one of my mentors however they are official reviewers and it felt inappropriate to ask for their advice.

Tonight I wanted to work with what I like to call stacked lines. As I’m sure you have noticed over the past several months I love geometric shapes. When you can get a model that is willing to contort themselves into crazy poses you have the chance to make some outstanding photographs. In this photo of Shannon I love the parallels created by her arms. This aspect of the image is I feel the strongest however notice all the implied triangles that can be identified as you study the photo. Really there is so much going on here that you could stare at it for several minutes without discovering everything. Shannon’s face has been hidden behind her hand so that the viewer would concentrate on the lines rather than seek out her eyes.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy