My Nude Year: Day 236 of 365

Tonight we wanted the play with the lighting a little. We used a very standard pose but flagged the light. In flagging the light we block part of it before it reached Shannon’s body. We didn’t use any fancy equipment to flag the light. All we did was moved our coat hanger in a position that would cause it to block a part of the light that was aimed at Shannon. For the lighting itself we used a medium grid on our reflector to give us a narrow beam of light that would be wide enough to highlight Shannon’s body as she laid on the tile floor.

I have a print competition tomorrow as long as my prints arrive on time. I really though I had ordered them quickly enough this time but I was mistaken in thinking my printer was open on Saturdays. If my prints don’t arrive in time I will just skip the meeting rather than submit photos I have already had judged.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy