My Nude Year: Day 235 of 365

Today marks the last day of summer for the kids down around our house. Tomorrow they will be back in school for the start of another year. I will be on zombie patrol for the first week or so. I have to get up and drive our youngest to school early as well as pick him up after his day is done. The kids all excel at school and we are so blessed to have children that love education and all try very hard to do their best.

For tonight’s photo Shannon had an idea in mind. I think of this pose as the scorpion pose and it is funny but when shooting it you, as the photographer, have to get into a similar position. I really enjoy these kinds of poses when you are using a one light set. I like the feel the light gives the image as it trails off to black the further away from the models face you get. Shannon put her hair into a braid for a little something new and it framed her face perfectly.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy