My Nude Year: Day 232 of 365

It has been such a crazy day. Shannon and I both had off of work for a doctor’s appointment scheduled this morning. We were given the wrong address for the appointment and so after having spent nearly two hours in traffic we were told we would have to reschedule. It wasn’t a total loose though, we were able to take our daughter to the dentist and I got into see my doctor near the end of the day. So in a month or so we will be back at the specialist to do it all over again. After paying a visit to my doctor we attended the open house for our youngest son’s new school and we are very impressed. He is a very smart boy and we are hoping they will challenge him.

After we got home we started thinking of something to shoot tonight. I found an idea I really wanted to try and set up our scene as Shannon relaxed and took in some shows on the television. Once I had everything ready she came in and tried a few different poses within the scene. Really by and by we only needed the first shot but it is good to have a few choices.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy