My Nude Year: Day 230 of 365

Tonight I received a pleasant surprise in my inbox. One gentleman wrote me to ask if I found it hard to develop a new concept each day and I gave him a brief run down on the topic. Then another gentleman wrote me to let me know that my post from Day 229 had resonated with him, which is really cool. I thanked him kindly and gave him a little advice based on what I have learned over the last near decade of shooting nudes.

As I have stated before I started this blog to give myself some accountability with such a demanding project. I also love sharing and sincerely hoped/hope it will benefit all of you in one-way or another. I figured it might be cool to let people following my journey win, loose or whatever. I’m sure that you have seen some photos that just weren’t up to par with others. I’m also sure you have also seen some photos that came out to be wonderful works of art that really talk to you. In my opinion both images are equally important. It is our/my desire to shoot nothing but outstanding photos every single night but alas I’m still learning. In trying new concepts all the time we are able to identify what works and what doesn’t. After the project is all said and done I think I’m really going to enjoy going back over the photos and figuring out why the strongest photos are so powerful. Why did the photo from Day ??? tell a story so well. Once we can figure out what tells the story we want to share then we can get started on the real work. The work God has chosen us to do. 

Take for instance Sally Mann. Bring photos of death and decay into a new light and telling a story about life by photographing death. It is an interesting way of presenting a topic for discussion, don’t you think? Or her early work of putting her children’s common everyday lives on display for everyone to see. A small child with a blackened swollen eye from bug bits, or a teenage girl smoking a candy cigarette near an orchard. Both of these projects have received both good and bad reviews but no one can claim that they don’t tell a story and a powerful one at that. How many deliberate images or sets must one person shoot to find a true voice? I don’t know the answer to this question but I can tell you that I’m getting closer each and every day.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy