My Nude Year: Day 229 of 365

Today I started to write my artist statement for the portfolio review I have coming up in October. Having stated my direction for the portfolio I’m putting together I feel a real sense of relief. I can now focus on capturing images for that purpose specifically. This will give me time to experiment with ideas while still providing for this much greater project. It amazing what a little direction can do for your mental well being. It really is as Zig Ziglar says, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”

Tonight we were experimenting within our new theme however we shifted the focus to Shannon’s foot. I asked Shannon to pose in a stacked lines position and aimed our key light at her center torso, feathering it slightly to the left of camera. The light was focused using a medium grid and I shot from a very low position. My camera lens was nearly level with the floor and I did not concern myself with insuring that Shannon’s head was in frame. I got as close to Shannon’s foot as my lens would allow so that I would really have a shallow depth of field and everything beyond a few inches of her foot would fall out of focus. I’m not sure if the photo is strong enough to make the portfolio, only time will tell. Part of what will be nice in preparing for the review is the ability to look back over the photos once a little time has pasted and select what I want to include. With this My Nude Year project we don’t have that luxury. Once Shannon goes to bed for the evening what I have on film is what I have to go with.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy