My Nude Year: Day 228 of 365

Shannon and I have wanted to try an idea we found a few years ago. In thinking of a concept for tonight’s photo I thought it was time we gave it a try and the image has an added bonus with it, it fits into my portfolio theme. The idea is relatively simple; the focus of the photo would be Shannon’s sugar covered lips. Shannon’s chest was included in this abstract photo however it was allowed to fall out of focus and was more implied nudity due to being so blurry. It has been nice shooting our nightly photo for a specific purpose. It is fun shooting a new and usually very different concept each night but with a little structure it gives you a sense of ease. You at least know the bounds of the photo you will be shooting everyday. I figure the portfolio work should be completed within a week or maybe two. After the portfolio is to our liking we may choose a new concept theme ever few days to work on.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy