My Nude Year: Day 227 of 365

Today we went to Cecil's backyard water park and had an awesome time. We met Shannon’s dad and sister there around 10am this morning. A few friends of ours came and joined in on the fun later in the day. Cecil’s is about an hours drive from the house but it is always a blast and we just love going. The park is really just a small fresh water lake on a large piece of property and the owner, Cecil, has built a two and a half story tower with slides and a zip line. He has a lot of trees on the property and several tables you can rent. We got to the park early so we could get a table under the tree cover and next to the volleyball court. We all played around swimming a goofing off until around 5:30 and then left for home. It was a great way to start shutting down the summer to a close before the kids go back to school.

For tonight’s photo we wanted to play with my portfolio concept a little more. I have three different working ideas for a portfolio and would really like to explore them before committing myself to one. We still have a few months to get everything ready so we have time to try some ideas out for size. I am playing with the idea of cutting the subject off by the edges of the frame. This will allow the viewers mind to recreate the missing part of the image as they see fit. We will continue to experiment and see what we can come up with.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy