My Nude Year: Day 226 of 365

Well I figured out what was wrong with the Mac. The magic mouse has indeed gone on the fritz. I tried a few quick fix suggestions I found online but nothing really worked. It was purchased when they first came out so it has given me a lot of use over that time. I asked Shannon to pick up a new one today but she was too busy trying to get all of the kids to doctor’s appointments and such. I was trying to figure out a work around and remembered that I have my wacom tablet I could use. I pulled the wacom out of my bookcase and it is working fantastically. I had put it away because Shannon has a hard time working with it. I think with a little practice she will adjust to it nicely but I will try to stop and grab a new mouse tomorrow.

I have my first portfolio review coming up in October, which is really not very far off when you think about all the work that goes into a portfolio. Tonight I wanted to shoot a photo I will be using for my review. I have a concept in mind and need to capture another half dozen or so images to complete my idea.

For tonight’s photo I wanted to really concentrate on line and shape. Part of my vision was work is soft light that fell off to nearly black in the shadow areas. I accomplished this by placing the key light at a 45-degree angle to Shannon and used a shoot-thru diffusion cover on the lights reflector. The light was place about two and a half feet from Shannon so the fall off would be very dramatic and give us nice deep shadows. In order to force the viewer into seeing this photo in the desired elements of line and shape I lowered the clarity of Shannon’s skin slightly. By lowering the clarity it removes a lot of the texture in the skin, which may distract some viewers.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy