My Nude Year: Day 222 of 365

Tonight, for our first shoot back from our mini vacation, we decided to put one of the new twin lens cameras to use. We used a hybrid method for capturing the photo. I composed the shot in the Yashica-A and then shot the viewfinder with my normal camera. I had used this technique a few years ago in a clients boudoir shoot. In that one we used a film camera from the 40’s that featured a Polaroid back. A Polaroid back is just an opaque cover that allows you to see what the photo will look like as a positive image. Once you have everything set as desired you put a film back on the camera and make the photo. Think of it as an old school style of LCD. I found the Polaroid back easier to work with since the size is much larger and it is a brighter surface. This was still every fun to try and experiment with.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy