My Nude Year: Day 220 of 365

Our trip didn’t get started off very well. Shannon had to work longer than we had planned and we didn’t even leave the house until around 6pm. We stopped not too far out of town and grabbed something to eat. The actual drive went very well and it was nice just spending time together as she read me a book. We arrived at the hotel around 3am and were very tired. Once we got everything put in reasonable order we went to bed. Waking up we started out for some breakfast and asked the waitress if she knew of any good secluded spots to take photos and she gave us one. We explored the area but it wasn’t very good. After this we headed for the state park we had planned on seeing before we ever left home. It was amazing and we really enjoyed exploring the entire area.

Once we identified a few areas to work in we started shooting. First we chose a boat ramp to work on but almost got caught by a couple of guys our for a boat ride. We quickly moved on to our second location. We were working on the rock damn that had a few trees here and there. I asked Shannon to set up behind a dead Joshua tree and the shots came out very well. It was at this spot that we got caught working by a passing hiker. Shannon was all set up and had pulled her dress off when I heard something in like a cough. I looked up and there he stood on the trail above us. I told Shannon we had company and she tried to put her dress on but was having a time of it due to the dead tree we were working with. Finally she stated we had already been caught and so what did it matter. She pulled the dress back off and got into pose. The hiker said, “OMG I can’t believe it”. I laughed and told him he didn’t see anything. At this statement he kindly agreed and continued walking but every few steps would turn to look back and watch the shoot progress. Once he was out of sight we decided to move location just in case he told the ranges we were working on the damn.

We drove to the other side of the park and started working on the top of a mesa. We got some really good shots but had to move on quickly since we were losing the light as the sun started to set low on the horizon. We had one last location to shoot in. On the way to the top of the mesa we had found an area of red clay. I told Shannon it would be cool to get a photo of her just sitting on the clay. She agreed and we set off to find a place to park with access to the area. We pulled off on the side of the road and made our way down into the gully. We took several shots in this location and Shannon’s interpretation of my idea is the one we chose for the project.

We had a great time while in the small town we were visiting. It was so nice just to have some time alone together doing what we love. Everyone should be so lucky as to have married their best friend and enjoy the same past time together.

Until next time,

JW Purdy