My Nude Year: Day 212 of 365

Tonight my first order of business is to fill you in on what the gentleman told Shannon about the cameras today. Shannon told him how absolutely crazy I went over the box of toys and stated that I looked like a kid in a candy store. She told him how much I really like the twin lens cameras and wanted to buy them since I still shoot and develop my own negatives. He told her he didn’t want anything for them and was glad they had found a home and would be used and not just shelved somewhere. Wait, did you get that, he gave us the cameras. Wow, I was blown away by his generosity. We are now owners of not one but two TLR’s. One is a 120 medium format film size camera and the film is available all over the place. The other camera is a small 127-format film camera but the cool thing is that they have recently started to produce 127 film again. I posted this update to my photo-sharing site and a photographer we know from New York replied that he might have a developing reel for 127 film. If so that would be great and save us trying to find one or figuring out a way to develop the exposed rolls. 127 film is slightly larger than 35mm and I don’t believe it will fit into the same development reels.  I will keep you up to date on our progress with the older film cameras including my large format field pieces we will start using once my fresh chemicals come in.

Tonight’s concept is one that Shannon wanted to try. She showed me the pose and I instantly could visualize the lighting I wanted. We tried the shot with two slight variations. In one her feet were crossed at the ankles with her knees close together and then with her knees separated. The pose with the knees separated gave a better feeling of symmetry and was the photo I ended up choosing for the project. I have not decided what to shoot tomorrow but we may try to get out of the house if possible. It is my day off and I really need to fix the air condition in one of the cars so it may not be possible for us to get out.

Until then,

JW Purdy