My Nude Year: Day 186 of 365

Here I sit writing all of you from my office completely relaxed. I have had such a wonderful weekend spent with family and friends. We got to go the beach together and spend time around the house simply catching up. Early this morning Shannon’s cousin and family packed up and headed home. We had hoped they would stay just a little while longer but they needed to get on the road so they would not to get home too late. I’m sure, like us, they had some laundry to get caught up on as well as basic chores around the house to complete. Once we had all said our goodbyes Shannon made a great breakfast for us and then we just sat around the living room reading together. I think I was able to get more reading done today than at any other time in the last several months. After a few hours of reading I took the opportunity to catch a nap. After waking up I did some more reading while Shannon cooked dinner. It was so nice just to sit around without a worry in the world. I didn’t even look at my computer for almost 24 hours.

Getting back to the real world I sat down at the desk and caught up on my emails and started planning tonight’s shoot. After entertaining some different poses lately I wanted to focus on line and form. I set up our key light at a 90-degree angle to where I was going to have Shannon pose. I wanted some very dramatic light and shadow for this shot. I had Shannon face the camera with the light off of her right side. I had her raise her arm toward the light source while lifting the leg from the same side holding it with her opposite free hand. It was a balance posture for sure. Shannon improved on my little pose by rising onto her toes and I quickly pushed the shutter. We looked at the photo and made one change and took the shot again. That was it, one test image and two actual attempts and we were done. So by and by even the shoot was relaxing. I am recharged and ready to go back to work tomorrow and hope you all feel the same way.

Until then,

JW Purdy