My Nude Year: Day 185 of 365

Happy Fourth of July everyone, we hope you all had a wonderful and accident free day. We celebrated this Independence Day by going to the beach in Port O’Connor Texas. Normally this beach is very clean and is not very crowed. There was nothing typical about today. There was around ten times the amount of beach goers. We have been to Kingfisher beach before during a holiday and it was not as packed as it was today. He had to park a long distance from where we were able to find a clear spot to put our gear. We had a good time and enjoyed getting out into the cool water. Due to the large crowd Shannon and I were not able to get today’s photo in the Gulf.

Once we got home we decided to go and get pizza for everyone. We all sat and had dinner and then took time to sit and talk with each other. It was a very peaceful evening until just after the sun went down. Then we got to sit on the patio and watch as many of our neighbors shot fireworks. It was great and all of the kids loved it.

Once we got everyone situated for the night Shannon and I got to work on today’s photo. We wanted to include Old Glory in the photo to commemorate the holiday. We tried several different poses standing, sitting and finally Shannon being covered by the flag. We had to be very careful when she was covering with the flag to make sure that it never touched the ground. We where able to adjust her position a few times and this shot really spoke to me. You get a good view of the stars and stripes and just a hint of Shannon’s feet and butt. I am so tired after our day of fun in the sun and luckily I have tomorrow off.

Until then,

JW Purdy