My Nude Year: Day 184 of 365

Tomorrow is a big day for us here in the States, it’s the fourth of July. We will be celebrating the fourth by going to the beach with Shannon’s cousin and her family as well as her sister. Shannon’s cousin has seven kids and they will be staying with us until Sunday. As you might have guessed we have a house full. Five adults, ten kids, two cats and a snake all packed in snug as a bug. We have warm bodies all over the place. With all the kids around we have to shoot off site for the next few days and so we went back to the storage facility.

Tonight we had and old bike to play with. I set up our key light and we started playing with different shooting angles. After a few shots to get our settings right we were ready to work. I captured some really nice photos but due to the high humidity my viewfinder started to fog up. Shannon struck a pose that was incredible and I put the camera to my eye and pushed the shutter. I couldn’t see due to the fogged glass and asked her to hold the pose. I cleaned up the camera and composed the shot and we were ready to go home. Once I started going over the photos I found the first image I had taken with the above mentioned pose was slightly off angle but was ten times better than the straighten version.

Tomorrow we are off to the beach and I imagine it will be packed with people so I can’t promise a photo but if we get lucky you never know.

Until then,

JW Purd