My Nude Year: Day 211 of 365

Shannon hit camera gold at work today. One of the new people at her work discovered that I am a photographer through a conversation with her a few weeks ago. He told her about a lot of old cameras he had found that had been a relative of his. He said he would really like me to help him determine a value of the cameras. Tonight she brought a box of old cameras home for me to look at a play with. Most of them are not really worth anything due to the film used with them is no longer being manufactured however two are really great.

One is a Yashica-44 which is a small twin lens camera and that is built like a tank. At first I was a little disheartened since it shoots 127 film, which had gone out of production. Since film is becoming vogue again they have started making 127 roll film and at about $11 per roll I can put it into my project budget. The second camera is a Yashica-A, which is a medium format camera. This camera shoots 120 film and is very easy to find and purchase.  Medium format film is more desirable than 35mm due to the size of its negative. The negative with medium format is around 3-4 times larger than a 35mm frame. This means that the image can be enlarged to a greater size and retain more details.

Shannon will talk with the owner of the cameras tomorrow and see how much he wants for them. If he is not asking too much I will go ahead and purchase them. That being said if I do get to keep them I will have no more excuses to prolong buying some fresh darkroom chemicals and film. I will reserve working with film for the weekends due to the length of the process to develop the negatives as well as getting them into the computer. I am still lacking a negative scanner and will try to start budgeting for one so I can bring you all quality scans of the images we capture on my older cameras.

One more treat in the box she brought home was a 8mm movie camera. I have wanted a 8mm for a few years but have been having a hard time finding a working model I like. Regrettably the one he included has been wand too tightly and will not work anymore but if I can find another one I could use both to make one functioning camera. I think if we get a showing at the end of the project it might be interesting to record a little intro to the project on 8mm and play at the start of the showing.

One last thing, if I get to keep the cameras it may take a few weeks before it get to work with them. Both cameras will need some TLC before I can start shooting with them. A little rubbing alcohol and a lot of rubbing and they should be usable.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy