My Nude Year: Day 210 of 365

Tonight I got to play the role of peeping tom. We pulled the curtains back ever so slightly and set up or key light to appear as if it were some room light just out of sight.  I positioned myself against the outside window and made sure to capture a portion of the window lattice in the shot so the viewer would know I was outside of the house. I took a few different photos of Shannon as she pulled her dress off. I think this one came out best for the feeling we were intending.

Shannon laughed after the shoot was over. She posed the question of what would I have said if a sheriffs’ deputy had driven by as we were working. I fired right back at her with, “I would have invited him to watch the show”. We both got a good laugh at it but I sure am glad it didn’t really happen.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy