My Nude Year: Day 209 of 365

Tonight I attended the monthly print competition with the Houston Photographic Society and therefore it was left up to Shannon to develop an idea for a photo. When I arrived home near 11pm she had a photo on the computer selected and was interested in knowing more about it. I discussed the image with her and we determined that the reason she was attracted to the photo was the light pattern cast on the wall behind the model. In looking at the photo I did not see a way of easily reproduction the light pattern made and looked around for an alternative method for creating an interesting light patter. We have a little statue of a fairy whose wings are separate detachable pieces. I removed the wings and placed them in front of our flash. Aiming the light at Shannon on about a 15-degree angle we got a very interesting light pattern on the wall. You and make out the edges of the wings near the floor as well as above Shannon’s head. It has been a long day and I still have a video to record.

Therefore until tomorrow,

JW Purdy