My Nude Year: Day 206 of 365

Today we awoke and made the long trek to our friend’s house to help them move. The drive wouldn’t have been so bad but for one reason or another the freeway was closed and we got stuck in traffic. We were late arriving and they had about three quarters of the truck already packed.  We helped load the rest of the truck and set off to unload into their temporary home which is a storage unit. Once the truck was unloaded we moved their stuff from a smaller unit they had into the new much larger one. Now they have everything in one unit until they find a new house. The moving went really well. We arrived around 11am and I think we were done around 2pm. While we were unloading Shannon came across two dress manikins and made a comment about them. As it turns out they no longer wanted them and gave them to us. I think they will go great in our vintage room and gave Shannon and I an idea for a shoot.

Shannon had the pose she wanted in mind as well as the hairstyle that would fit the scene. I bought her some roses on Friday and came up with the idea of covering the manikin with them as well as putting one in her hair. We shot the photo on a black backdrop with our key light slightly off center and affixed with a shoot-thru umbrella. We both love the pop of the colors and the classic feel of the pose balanced by the manikin.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy