My Nude Year: Day 204 of 365

Normally I get a little excited over the prospect of being able to go out on the weekend and capture a photo in a new environment but there is not a chance of that happening this week. My weekend consists of Saturday and half a day on Sunday. Our friends are moving this Saturday and we will be helping them get settled into a new place and afterwards attending a birthday party for another friend. We just wont have the time to shoot in a new location or at least I don’t think we will have time but crazy things have happened in the past.

Tonight Shannon and I set up in the foyer to shoot. I wanted to concentrate on her beautiful profile with a little bit something different. Shannon sucked her thumb as I framed the scene. The light was placed at a 45-degree angle behind her giving the image strong backlighting and a very erotic feel. I had thought about front lighting with a spot on the wall behind her using a second light and in hindsight I wished I had given it a try.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy