My Nude Year: Day 200 of 365

Wow, just wow!!! If you have never purchased one of our sets the July set is a must buy. I have 18 photos from tonight’s shoot. It took me a long time to finally pick one image for the project. We had an idea to shoot an overworked alcoholic clown for today and then continued playing after we got the shot we set out to capture. We ran the range of emotions in this fun outfit. We had the drunken clown, the smiling playful cheerleader, the dead clown and finally the down right dirty clown.

Personally I don’t have any phobias of clowns, nor do I have some clown fetish but tonight’s clown really had me reeling. I don’t know what it was but Shannon was super hot in the outfit. Shannon being Shannon she was as playful as ever. She actually cut out the number 200 using colorful foam boards but regrettably they were not in this photo. I really wished I had thought to put them in while I was taking it but the good news is they will be included in the set at the end of the month. You will be able to find the set in early August by going to I know this sounds like a really big ad but it will be well worth it in my opinion.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy