My Nude Year: Day 182 of 365

Tonight we were inspired by an old painting and Shannon’s desire to have me in the photograph with her. We piled a bunch of pillows on the floor in the living room and Shannon stretched out on top of them. I set our key light at a forty-five degree angle to her figure and grabbed an old book from my library. We set the camera on a tripod and I rested on the floor with my head on Shannon’s stomach while I held the book at arms length. While we were capturing a few photo I looked over to get a good idea of the camera’s shooting angle at the moment the shutter clicked. I really liked the end result and chose it for tonight’s photo.

I will be sending out our monthly wrap up newsletter tonight. If you haven’t already signed up for the newsletter please click this link I typically send only one mail per month and it gives the readers a little more information on the events that happened as we worked during the past month. Occasionally I include photos that were never released or were part of the out-takes provided in our set sales. I am currently working on the editing for the video we shot on day 180. It should go up later tonight or tomorrow before noon. The June set of photos is being uploaded within the next hour and we really would appreciate your support by purchasing the set. Set sales keep this site going as well as helping us to purchase some much needed new equipment. You can get your copy of the June set by going to

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy