My Nude Year: Day 199 of 365

We had another wonderful day here in the south Republic. For the second day in a row we attended a birthday party. Both parties were for the children of some friends of ours. Tonight we drove up to Katy and had a great burger as well as a good time with some really old friends of ours. We had an idea we wouldn’t get home until late and so we started think of ideas for tonight’s shoot. We decided to work with the helmet Shannon borrowed from her dad.

We tried a pose Shannon came up with but it just didn’t feel right. Then we tried a pose I wanted and got the same so-so results. As Shannon was turning around she grabbed the chair and I told her not to move. I asked her to lift her head some more clicked the shutter and that easy we got tonight’s photo. Tomorrow marks a pretty big day. Day 200 and we have plans to incorporate the number 200 in it somehow.

Until then,

JW Purdy