My Nude Year: Day 196 of 365

I know I said I would not create composite photos during the week anymore but this concept just begged me to be completed. Tonight’s image was a little on the darker side, darker in both exposure and mood. I had Shannon stand with her back to the camera holding a riding crop at the end of her outstretched arm. I placed our key light, a flash placed almost 90-degrees to her figure with a shoot thru umbrella attached, and asked her to more her arm back slightly toward the lens. I did this so the highlights on the crow would look more natural and give you a sense that the bird was really in the shot instead of just edited in during postproduction. The compositing didn’t take that long and I’m sure if you look closely enough you can find flaws. It has been a long and sleepless week so far and I look forward to Saturday for some much needed rest. I hope we don’t have too much planned.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy