My Nude Year: Day 195 of 365

Tonight I attended a meeting with the Houston Photographic Society after work that was truly awe-inspiring. The presenter was giving a lecture on focus stacking. I had never learned about this concept until this evening. If you have ever seen a macro photo of an insect that was super detailed to the point of amazement you have witnessed focus stacking. In this principal you move the focus of the shot by a few fractions of a millimeter while taking a series of images. Once you had photographed the subject multiple times on multiple different plains you then piece the photo together layer by layer. The details of these images are amazing.

On meeting nights I tend to get home late and therefore Shannon has come up with a concept for us to try. Tonight’s concept may seem cliché but if storefronts in the mall would do this more women could get their men to go shopping with them any day of the week. Shannon wanted to stand in one of our back windows while I took a photo her from outside. This set up posed a few problems from the start. When photographing a subject that is strongly backlit they tend to become a silhouette. We didn’t want a silhouette shot and need to accommodate for it. I turned on the porch light to brighten the scene as much as possible. Then I pushed myself to the limit by shooting at 1/15th of a second for my shutter speed. If you have ever taken photos in a very dark place without a flash you may have noticed that they came out blurry. Your movements as well as that of the camera cause this blur and therefore slow shutter speeds usually are avoided without a tripod. I, some how, have a very steady hand when it comes to shooting. I can usually hole down to 1/15th of a second without a tripod and you will never notice camera shake unless you get a magnify glass out.

The concept Shannon dreamed up turned out great and made for the end of a very good day.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy