My Nude Year: Day 192 of 365

For as long as I can clearly remember, around the age of three, my grandmother had this figurine in her bathroom. A few years before she died she gave it to me knowing that I had always loved it. Once Shannon and I moved into our new house we found a perfect spot for it. We placed it on a ledge out side of our glassed in shower. One day as Shannon was bathing I noticed how similar the two, the figure and Shannon, were to each other. Tonight after a long while I took the opportunity to photo the two together to highlight their similarities.  

For the two figures to appear in the same light I used a two light set up in the photo. I place an off camera flash on both the model as well as the figurine. The lights used were both fitted with a shoot-thru umbrella in the same position as to create similar shadow areas. The likeness was almost perfect and I am very pleased with the results.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy