My Nude Year: Day 158 of 365

Tonight we decided on a more classic feeling pose. I had Shannon sit on her dresser stool and pull her feet up to her side. Shannon extended her figure by raising her arms above her and then lowering them to around her head. I placed our key light at a 45-degree angle to Shannon’s right side and used an umbrella to defuse the light giving it a nice soft wrapping feel. I placed the light relatively close to Shannon so that the fall off would be greater giving us a nice black background. We both really enjoyed tonight’s photo and it was a fun and easy set up. After a long weekend having an easy shoot made for a nice break.

Lately we have been putting the shoot concept off until the last moment. I will start this week by putting a little more forethought into the daily photos as well as more planning. This makes for a little easier go of the shoot however can lead to problems if something comes up and we get a late start. When we started the project every photo was preplanned but it became too difficult and we started improvising. I think now that school is out we can go back to our preplanning style of shooting. I’m sure we will still have days in which we have to just put something together but hopefully that will only happen occasionally. If you have a shoot concept we would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and we will consider it.

Thanks and have a great week,

JW Purdy