My Nude Year: Day 155 of 365

Tonight Shannon and I focused on stacked lines and concentrated focus. Shannon laid down in the living room and crossed her right leg over her left. I asked her to place her right arm over her torso with the fingers visible on her side. I set our key light with a tight grid in front of her legs and pointed down at her torso. I knew with a tight grid attached to the key only part of Shannon’s limbs would be illuminated but the results were beyond belief. I pushed the shutter and was amazed how well the light pattern came out. The way the light fell through Shannon’s tangle limbs amazed me. Her breast and nipple were highlighted as well as her fingers with red polish at her side. The tops of her legs were well lit and the light fall off around them was great. As is set up the key I approximated the position to put enough light on Shannon’s face to give it a nice even tone and it needed no adjustment.

Some days your vision just appears before you even better than you planned,

JW Purdy