My Nude Year: Day 180 of 365

Tonight one of the funniest blooper happened while we were shooting. Shannon and I have wanted to make this photo for a while now but never committed to it. I had to go up in the attic and the opportunity arouse to get the shot. I grabbed the metal tub stored above us all this time and started filling it with water. I filled it just over half full and asked Shannon if she was ready to work. She put her hair up with a clip and we were ready. I set up our video camera so I could make a new episode of “The Art of Nude”, which is my other blog. I planned on pushing the record button once we had the water level worked out. Looking back I wished I had recorded the whole event.

I assumed she would slowly lower herself into the water to insure it wasn’t too high. I stood on the ladder checking my position as she started to lower herself down. The next thing I know she just plopped down and water rushed all over the tile in the foyer and started soaking into the carpet in the office. The look on her face and I imaging mine was priceless. I grabbed a few photos as I could and then raced off for the wet/dry vacuum. We laughed and I gave her a hard time about just diving into the washtub. I kept acting as if I was Ricky Ricardo and she was Lucy. It was so funny and something we will remember for a long time to come. I so wish I had been recording when she got the shock of year so far. 

After getting the majority of the water away from the office carpet we started to work on the shoot. We captured a few photos but it actually took more that we really wanted due to the flash not firing two thirds of the time. I guess all the use is really starting to wear on my flash system. By and by we had a great night. We laughed, played around with each other and laughed some more.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy