My Nude Year: Day 153 of 365

Tonight Shannon and I stuck with the two light set up. Both lights were balanced as closely as possible together and so both served as the key light. The lights were set opposite each other and to the sides of Shannon’s figure. We set up parabolic umbrellas on both light stands to get the same feel from the light sources. A parabolic umbrella is just like the umbrella you take out on a rainy day except it has a sliver liner on the underside. This silver side reflects the light form the flash onto your subject. This creates a slightly softer (wrapping) light that just the bare flash.

This weekend is going to be interesting. We have a graduation to attend about two hours north of our house. In order to get the day’s photo we will be taking three separate images just for security. We will take on in the morning as Shannon gets ready, one in the afternoon just before we leave and it all that fails we will be taking one at her cousins house. This will be the first time we have had to travel during the project. If you can’t tell it has thrown me for a loop. I didn’t plan for vacations or outings this year, which was an oversight on my part.

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Wish us luck,

JW Purdy