My Nude Year: Day 178 of 365

Shannon and I had the pleasure of working with a very nice and professional photographer today. We woke up early this morning and got ready for a little road trip to Crosby, Texas. We arrived a few minutes late due to stopping by the store to get a drink but he didn’t seem to mind. We quickly got down to shooting and I just stayed in the background as much as possible. Sometimes I do find it hard not to make suggestions or make comments. I think they got some really good shots and Shannon was really on her game. I watched as the professional model she has become came out in full force. It is amazing to think of how much she has grown as a model since that first mountain shoot so many years ago.

In leaving the house this morning I grabbed my camera bag with an idea for an image in mind. I was not sure the photographer we would be working with would agree to being in the photo but I felt it wouldn’t hurt to ask. I figured if all else failed we could get a shot somewhere on the way home. Once they started working together I started making a mental inventory of my surroundings. I was blown away by how perfect the scene could fit into my concept. I envisioned a photo in a bar like setting with Shannon standing on a table before a seated gentleman giving an erotic dancer feel. So now I would like you to imagine what I saw as the two of them worked together. We were in a large open game room with a dartboard affixed to the wall. There was a low black marble table and a stool all in the same room. I had everything I needed for the shoot and all I had to hope for was he would agree to sit in the shot.

I set up the scene by moving the stool into position and then asking Shannon to put on her super high heals. I had her stand on the table with her back to me. Finally, it was time to ask the big question. A look of shock instantly came over his face but I insured him his face would not be in the frame he agreed. Just to make sure everything was acceptable we reviewed the images and he said they were fine. Wow, too cool.  I set out with an idea and all the elements were in place to pull it off. The overall scene is not exactly that of a bar but you wont here me complain. I did a lot of edge darkening to give it a little better feel for what I was looking for.

On the way home Shannon and I discussed the experience we had before, during and after the shoot. We both agreed that we felt very comfortable with him and Shannon stated that she would like to work with him again. I asked her if she would still want an escort and she said that she was confident enough not to have one if I couldn’t make it for one reason or another. I am so glad the day went so well and we had a good experience.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy