My Nude Year: Day 177 of 365

Tonight I was putting my prints away in a storage box and seeing if I had at least one of the photos I want to enter for next months competition already printed. I did indeed have one of the photos I’m entering in the monthly contest printed and in the correct size no less. While I was going through the box I notice something else under the bed. I reached under and found two really nice masks. I showed them to Shannon and we decided that one of them would make for an interesting photo. Shannon said she envisioned a cat like pose with the mask on backwards. It sounded good to me so we set up for the shoot.

I place the key light behind her and in line with her body. We took a few photos but the shadow on the wall adjacent to her was too much and I wasn’t happy with the results. I grabbed out second light and aimed it at the wall to soften the shadow. The second light worked like a charm and softens the shadow without completely getting rid of it. We shot with both masks but I like this one best and want to save the other mask for a concept I thought of after Shannon went to bed. Keep an eye out for a taller darker mask in the near future.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy