My Nude Year: Day 176 of 365

Tonight was very humorous to me. Shannon told me of a pose she wanted to try that she had seen online and I agreed. Now, for a little background on why I found tonight’s pose so funny. A few months back during a lunch date we had with one of my mentors, Shannon stated she was tired of me trying to pose her as if she was a skinny young model. Then in seeing the pose this phrase came rushing back to me. Getting set up with your back to the seat of a rolling chair would be hard for just about anyone much less my beautiful curvy muse. As she got ready I snapped a few out-take photos as we both laughed at the struggle she was enduring to get set for the shot. She is so wonderful and full of life. She can make anyone’s day with just a simple heartfelt smile. When she looks at you, you know that she actually sees you and is really intently listening to you. She is not just waiting her turn to talk. Shannon is one of the most genuine empathetic people I have ever met and she is my muse, my wife and my love. 

Tomorrow brings us one day closer to the end,

JW Purdy