My Nude Year: Day 174 of 365

Tonight I was busy with my monthly print competition as part of the Houston Photographic Society. On my way home from the meeting I called and asked Shannon to start a pot of coffee for me. When I got home I asked her what we would be shooting and she gave me a blank bewildered expression. I assumed due to my getting home late she would have found a concept to shoot but she had a really long day at work and just relaxed when she finally got home. While I got a cup of coffee and ate my dinner she went into the office and selected four ideas for a photo. We decided to give a two light set up a try with a really different pose.

The pose in many ways if very awkward but really works with this two light set. I placed the key light on a 45-degree angle to the camera right close to the back wall. The second light was placed on the camera left near Shannon’s mid point. I used a shoot-thru umbrella and featured it up and toward the camera. This gave a nice highlight on Shannon’s side but did not over power the image with a flood of light. The light up near Shannon’s head acted as a separation light as well as gave a little more detail to her shoulders, back and the bend in her side.

The print competition went well but was confusing at the same time. I entered two photos as I did last month. For tonight’s meeting I selected the photo from Day 7 as well as Day 40. The judge was fantastic and gave very good critiques of the work. He awarded Day 7 with third place and then moved on to the color category. In looking at the photo of Day 40 he stated it was much stronger than Day 7 however he did not award a ribbon to it. I wished I could have asked him a few questions but I had to leave as soon as the meeting was over so we could get tonight’s photo done at a reasonable time. These print competitions are very fun and really give you some idea of how professionals view your work.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy