My Nude Year: Day 172 of 365

Happy Father’s Day everyone, we had a great day around here. It did not start off exactly great being that I woke up late for work. I’m supposed to open the shop at 9am but didn’t get to work until 9:16. Lucky for me there weren’t any customers waiting for me when I got there. It was a very busy day which is always nice since it makes time go so fast. Sundays are my short day and I only had to stay until 2pm and then I made my way home. Once I got to the house the kids as well as Shannon had cards and gifts for me. I got some really great presents and then took advantage of the day by taking a long nap and just relaxing.

In waking from my nap Shannon and I went to the store to pick out something for dinner. Being Father’s Day the supermarket had Ribeye steaks on sale for an unbelievable price and we got two four steak packages for dinner tonight along with two lobster tails just for kicks. I grilled everything to perfections and we all ate so much we thought we would burst. I had chosen a lemon pie for desert but Shannon and I were too full to even try a piece. The kids on the other hand didn’t waste any time cutting into the cake before retiring to their rooms.

While be were letting the grill get heated up we took tonight’s photo. Shannon put on some long gloves she has while I set up the key light. She grabbed one of the plates form the china cabinet and a creamer to go with it. I put a little bit of milk in the plate and Shannon stooped down low to lap up the milk. The key light was set high above her pointed down at a sharp angle. In order to lighten the shadows on her face I used a reflector placed near her head to bounce some of the light back at her revealing more details.  The photo is erotically charged but in my opinion doesn’t go over the top.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy