My Nude Year: Day 171 of 365

Shannon wanted to show everyone that we had the hot water back tonight. We figured the best way to show you was to take a photo of her in the shower. I wanted a more abstract shot so I placed the key light high above her and pointed it down at a very sharp angle. Then I got into a low shooting position and shot thru the water covered shower door. I really like the secular highlights from the bathroom lights on the glassed in shower.

We are so very blessed to have a good friend that owns a plumbing company. After staying up until 5am getting the house cleaned up I slept in until noon and all of the plumbing supply stores had closed for the day. I called my buddy and told him the situation and he diagnosed the problem and then gave me the code to get in the shop so we would get the part to fix the water heater. After a short drive to his shop and a little work in the attic the problem was solved. Now once everything gets good and dry we will have to start working on the ceiling. We will need to patch a couple of areas as well as repaint. My buddy told me we were lucky. He said most times the gas control value cracks the homeowner comes home to find the entire house flooded. As we were cleaning up I thanked God for the water heater leak and told him I did know how it was a blessing but that I knew it was one. In hind sight I see that had the water heater pan been in the correct position, not allowing the water to leak partly on the ceiling, that we would have know detected the leak until the unit failed completely. Had the unit failed completely we may have suffered from so much more damage.

God is great,

JW Purdy