My Nude Year: Day 170 of 365

Really we did not plan on shooting a domestic scene tonight however the situation was forced on us. We went to dinner and afterward Shannon continued home while I made a quick stop by the store. As soon as I pulled up in the driveway she came running out and told me I had to get up in the attic quick. When I walked in the house water was pouring from the ceiling. I got up into the attic as quickly as possible only to find that the water heater in our three year old home had started leaking while we were out. I shut the water inlet value off and drained the heater with the garden hose to reduce further damage. While I worked on the heater in the attic Shannon started getting the water off of the carpets with the wet/dry vacuum. After getting up as much of the water as possible Shannon went to set down for a while.

Having done all I could think of to fix the water heater in the wee hours of the morning I finally gave up. I found Shannon fast asleep on the couch and let her sleep for a bit. I drank a cup of coffee and checked my messages as well as made sure I had everything I needed for the warranty on the failed heater. One silver lining in this whole event is that we have the best brand of heater made today. The warranty is good until 2018 so that shouldn’t pose a problem. After collecting the information needed to make a claim tomorrow I woke Shannon up from her brief nap. She asked what we were shooting and I said her cleaning up some more water. She had wanted to hit a few more areas but I need the vacuum for a little while to collect as much water from the attic as possible. Now that I was done the vacuum was available and she set out to finish up for the night. I captured three photos and the angle of this one struck me best. Hopefully I can get all of this fixed tomorrow. I was mowing all day and I really need a bath. I’m currently boiling water on the stove so wish me well.

JW Purdy