My Nude Year: Day 152 of 365

Tonight I wanted to work on a more classic feeling photo. I wanted Shannon in a pose used by many classical artists, a pose featuring contrapposto. In a contrapposto (counter pose) pose the models weight is placed on one foot while the shoulders are tilted to the opposite side. This produces a very appealing visual however is very uncomfortable to the model. If you look closely Shannon’s weight is placed on her left foot while her right should is twisted slightly upwards. It is a little more difficult to make out the contrapposto pose when shot from the models side, like this one, however some pleasing lines can easily be identified once you get used to seeing it.

Our lighting set up was very simple. I wanted to give the slight illusion that the light source for this photo was coming from the vase at Shannon’s feet. We placed a small flash within the vase that would be triggered by the main flash position ahead of Shannon and almost 10 feet about her head. This ceiling level flash was our key light tonight and was gridded with a medium tightness grid to restrict most of the light to Shannon’s front side without a lot of spill onto the scene. Shannon used a large drape held near her waist that flowed down to the floor with a small portion actually inserted into the vase. This drape acted to lead the viewer’s eye from Shannon’s chest through the photo down to the floor.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy