My Nude Year: Day 169 of 365

Tonight Shannon and I were working on another minimalist concept. This one was not as abstract as two nights ago since it included more of Shannon’s figure as well as her face. You may have already noticed during this project but I really love a strong profile. I have to watch myself of its all I tend to want to shoot. The wide array of geometric shapes all combine together almost forces my eye to explore every detail of a profile image. It is just the way I’m bent to want to shoot them a lot.

It is almost unreal that we are just under two weeks away from being halfway done with the project. Unlike the other 365 challenges I have done in the past this one has gone very easily. It does not feel like a chore and I look forward to working with my muse every night. I personally don’t feel that we are shooting the same photos over and over, which was one of my concerns when we started the project. I would like to know how you all see this unfolding. Do the photos feel as if the are just repeating themselves with slight differences? Is the composition of the photos stronger now than in the beginning? Do you see more emotion in the current work verse the work at the start of the project?

Shannon has yet to write her forward and therefore I may just ask her to do a short interview with me. I would post the interview here for everyone to see. If she will agree with this proposal I will have it transcribed for the later book publication. If any of you have an idea you would like to share please leave a comment or email me directly. It may take a while but we will try to get your concept into the mix.

Until tomorrow,

JW Purdy